l    The film involves Bruce Shaver, who tires of his unemployed house husband suburban lifestyle and of his bitchy wife's nagging until one day he decides to shave and inadvertently releases a "shaving cream creature" from his shaving cream can.  The creature convinces him that he can kill his wife and anyone else he wants to....and get away with it.....as long as he utilizes razor blades in his weapons.  Razors are his power, and he ultimately rigs devices as diverse as ceiling fans and weed eaters to a deadly machete as the creature watches every step of the way, eager to devour a vanquished victim or two when he's hungry.

     That's the skinny, and keep returning for up to the minute coverage of this unique film's progression.......

Also an upcoming comic in the RED WET DIRT comic book/graphic novel series from SHOT IN THE DARK COMICS!  

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"I chose to no longer involve myself in any project relating to the Norm Applegate book or anything called Triad Pictures.  Unfortunately, in the long run (and even in the short), no one was able to commit."

---Nicholas Grabowsky

"But I designed this cool movie poster for it back when I thought everyone knew what they were doing:"

Official movie poster:


View the no-budget trailer Nick put together as a tool to show investors right here:

Pre-production begins SOMETIME LATE 2012!