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Looks Like a Rat to Me

The first comic book adaptation from the Grabowsky story collection "Red Wet Dirt"

A bloody entertaining tale about wererats.

The Everborn

The Everborn are the offspring of fallen angels that have lived among us since the dawn of man. Throughout the ages, they live life after life in normal society until each one falls in love and fathers his own child. Before that child is born, they undergo a rapid degeneration into a fetal state before they disappear entirely and become reborn into a new life, essentially becoming their own fathers.
All of them male, they live out their commonplace lives under the covert protection of Watchmaids, inter-dimensional female beings whose purpose is to ensure no harm comes to them under penalty of banishment into a state of eternal loneliness.
When an Everborn is reborn as a set of twins, one a soulless serial killer on a quest to be born again into a sinless life and the other a kind-hearted ghostwriter for a world-famous rock-and-roll horror novelist, a banished Watchmaid claims her role in an ancient prophecy to use the soulless twin as a means to re-enter our world and bring about its destruction.

Praise concerning The Everborn and its author:

“THE EVERBORN is a terrifying collision of genetics-gone-wrong science fiction and they-are-already-here UFO thriller. This is a nail biter!”
--Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of DEAD OF NIGHT and ASSASSIN’S CODE

“Grabowsky has melded Horror with Science Fiction with such expertise that I am left speechless. This is a novel of epic proportions and told in such a unique way that it defies explanation. By utilizing ideas from religious history, the reader is given a totally surreal reason for what UFOs really are and you will start to believe it’s true.”
---Garry Charles, Gorezone Magazine

 "Grabowsky's writing is at times touching and emotional, however, his real talent is his ability to infuse his writing with a sense of dread and loathing that I have not experienced since H.P. Lovecraft..........(a) unique and often terrifying world that Sacramento novelist Nicholas Grabowsky launches us into......(it) has the feel of an "X-Files" episode, at other very twisted turns it delves into the psychedelic. For those of us looking for something new in the alien horror genre, look not to the stars, but look to Nicholas Grabowsky's "The Everborn."  
-----Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Nicholas Grabowsky has succeeded in creating an entire world that is situated over our own, shading our every move with darkness and its ghostly alien presence....leaving the reader in utter astonishment as to the amazing detail that Grabowsky’s world has been created with. The detailed mythology that he creates with his alien forces ties together more than one earthly superstition, weaving a web that connects the world of the supernatural and the extraterrestrial.........the reader will be unable to get the terrifying and original visions out of their head!”
------Heidi Martinuzzi, E! Entertainment Television, Pretty/

***** 5 stars (highest rating) "ALL HAIL GRABOWSKY! .....a captivating plot completely unique...with a story so imaginative and profound, even I was astounded....satisfying a reader's interest in alternative science fiction, classic horror, suspense and yes, folks, even gore. The atmosphere is complex, murky and entraps you. The style of writing is blunt, audacious and head-on.....this book rises above the average horror/science fiction novel!"

Golden Award winner! Best Science Fiction Novel of 2004…..
--American Author's Association, Northern California

"Grabowsky exploits (the story) to explore concepts such as being, death & immortality in a fabulist world where more than a half-dozen major characters shift identities with Cronenberg-like regularity....a solid storyline, fresh ideas on everything from relationships to religion and blood-chilling violence makes Grabowsky's latest offering a compelling read!"
----Sacramento News & Review


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Red Wet Dirt

The legendary collection in a NEW edition ON SALE NOW!

Three short stories & three novellas: While on vacation, a young man's fiance becomes a heart-collecting Yuletide Thing on Christmas Eve. Get stuck in traffic when The Freeway Reaper claims another soul. A suburban family is plagued by a horde of were-rats. Special Agent Sam Cross, mortally wounded by a Jamaican specter, journeys into a psychedelic Festival of Fallen Souls in search of a supernatural healer whose lover's touch brings in contrast instant death. A legendary flesh eater arrives on the shores of an ancient Minoan city, infecting its population, beginning with a teenage boy's father who's summoned by the pompous king to become an undead garbage disposal. In Red Afterworld, an ex juvenile preacher gets his childhood wish of becoming a vampire when he's recruited into a male-only biker fraternity and finds himself one of the few survivors of global nuclear war, discovers a time portal in the Arizona desert with the hope of saving the world, and finds true love. Including extra minor works from the author's youth and the short screenplay Cutting Edges, the basis for an upcoming film and the author's directorial debut, Red Wet Dirt is to die for and is destined to become a classic way beyond its genre.

"Grabowsky has imagination to spare!"

--Sacramento Bee
(from their June 14, 2004 exclusive feature)

Diverse Tales

A young boy on a grocery errand returns with a bag of soil from the Garden of Eden. A Wanting Seed determines to crawl back into its mother's womb. A bloodletting grandmother. An enchanted rose hole. Demons protecting a church from pranksters.
This is the first collection of previously lost works of a bestselling master of offbeat and macabre fiction.

"Very entertaining!" --Dee Wallace Stone (E.T., The Howling).

"Grabowsky succeeds in making the whole world creepy!" Heidi Martinuzzi, E! Entertainment Television


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Halloween IV: The Special Limited Edition

Out of print for over 15 years, the special limited edition novelization of the fourth film in the Halloween series that made its debut at the Halloween 25th Anniversary Convention.  This is the original version in every way and has not been altered, and available for a very limited time!  
Based on the screenplay by Alan B. McElroy, from an original story by Danny Lipsius (as Dhani Lipsius), Larry Rattner, Benjamin Ruffner and Alan B. McElroy for the 1988 motion picture from producers Moustapha Akkad and Paul Freeman.
Halloween IV: The Limited Edition is the ultimate addition to any Halloween fan collection!

 Leave a brief note during checkout for how you want Mr. Grabowsky to sign your book --he will personally sign it for free!

For a limited time only!
Personally signed by the author!


Comic & Graphic novel adaptations of Grabowsky's work


"Looks Like a Rat to Me" is available (top of the page)

"The Father Keeper" has become a graphic novel, though the interior isn't yet colored and there is an edition of that for sale, as well as full color artwork prints, and we will post some for sale right here in the coming weeks.

"The Yuletide Thing" began with Shot in the Dark Comics, who did "Looks Like a Rat to Me," and all the panels have been completed, some colored, but somehow along the way most of those files were lost.  Another try is forthcoming...."

"Cutting Edges" began at Shot in the Dark Comics, and then another company bought the rights, and all we've seen is several panels and it just hasn't happened yet, but stay tuned....

" "Grabowsky's writing is at times touching and emotional, however, his real talent is his ability to infuse his writing with a sense of dread and loathing that I have not experienced since H.P. LOVECRAFT......."

--Tahoe Daily Tribune

The Wicked Haze

Special Edition Hardcover ON SALE NOW!

Nicholas Grabowsky presents three previously unfinished, unreleased tales written during his days as Nicholas Randers, the name he once used penning bestselling paperback horror. Here, fused together to make a psychedelic fantasy tale both nightmarish and brashly idiotic, are a series of parables and visions brought about by two strangers on a chance meeting on the street one foggy night under the influence of hallucinogen-laced sugar cubes.

Red Afterworld

A stand-alone version of the novella from Garbowsky's RED WET DIRT collection!

All Dayton Monday wanted was to make a difference in this world. But the world isn’t what it used to be. Global nuclear war has already begun. The world is in chaos. The water supply of major amusement parks has been tainted with LSD by terrorists. But Dayton’s neighbor, Toad, promises that if he joins his male biker fraternity, the Brotherhood of the Black Heroes, he can help make the world a better place. Through his laborious initiation, he discovers the frightening truth about the Black Heroes: they represent all male vampires, and he is about to become one of them. Vampires are reckless and don’t know sex or love, are addicted to household cleaners and endless supplies of red meat and blood, and despise females of their kind. Just before the world ends, the Second Coming happens, but the returning savior is not what everyone expected: it is Sam Hall, a man hung for murder in the Old West, who died for the world’s sins. That said, crosses no longer protect against them. Now, any image of the Sam Hall hanging tree will do. And then the nukes arrive. What a way to end the world. After the nukes hit, Dayton finds himself one of the few survivors, wandering the wasteland of the Arizona desert where survival seems to be the only meaning of life under an endless red-tainted sky….. until he discovers a strange portal that leads to the barrel pond in the backyard patio of his home at a time just before his initiation, a new hope of saving the world, and true love.


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Read Us or Die

The first official publisher's anthology showcasing  the exemplary talents of the authors of BLACK BED SHEET BOOKS

"Black Bed Sheet is not only a publisher of fantasticallycreative horror books but knows the meaning of heart
and integrity....Grabowsky has taken BBS to
heights that few could have imagined with his drive,
determination and talent, along with the talent in his stable.
If you haven't read anything from BBS, it's past time
you did but it's never too late!

Fred Wiehe - Cinsearae Santiago - Brandon Ford

Jessica Lynne Gardner - Lincoln Crisler - Jason Gehlert

William Cook - Reyna Young - Tom Sawyer - K.K.

Rey Otis - Shannon Lee - B.L. Morgan - Tammy Gehlert

S.C. Hayden - Franchisca Weatherman - Jake Istre

Patrick James Ryan - Horns - Jason M. Tucker

Amity Green - Adam Aresty - Jennifer Caress

and Nicholas Grabowsky

"“Grabowsky has melded Horror with Science Fiction with such expertise that I am left speechless!"

--Garry Charles


1992: Four years after my first novel was published, and after a few conversations with Wes Craven's assistant at the time, I was invited and challenged to write a sequel of my own being that no one else was. Wes gave praise to my efforts afterwards, but ultimately decided not to pursue a sequel in favor of another project that was to become Scream.  After all these years, I managed to dig up the treatment I wrote for him, and, for your reading pleasure, here it is.
---Nicholas Grabowsky
(see below for link)

"I think this would be a great story. To revisit shocker and tie up the loose ends and to bring back a very underrated horror villain back into modern culture. It seems very interesting. I'd love to see this in stores or on the big screen." ---fan

Note: With respect to the copyright holders of the characters & situations in the Wes Craven film SHOCKER, this work is given without charge or profit and shared as free fan fiction.

Download SHOCKER II in any digital format for free:

Download link takes you to Black Bed Sheet Books. 
Available in PDF, Kindle or Nook
at no cost:


Nicholas wrote under the pen name of Marsena Shane for work-for-hire romance and self-help books from 1988-1992.  Some of those works are lost and in published form are extremely rare.  Nevertheless, we've been working on reviving them, and we did to an extent with "Sweet Dreams, Lady Moon."  Watch here for re-issues and re-releases, and check out Marsena Shane's page at Amazon (link below).

(Photo is a stock photo we purchased, which is the face of Marsena online currently) 


There are many anthologies, magazines, collections and contributions included in publications throughout the years.  Some are out of print, some you can still buy.  Click on any of the links below where you can find these and purchase, or just peruse, worldwide.

Nicholas Grabowsky's Diverse Compendium


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