Nick & Phyllis in their hayday together, at their Horrorfind '06 booth

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****We are proud to announce that the special edition hardcover of THE EVERBORN is NOW AVAILABLE!****, and can be found on the BBS homepage and wherever books are sold.



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Announcements 1/03/12

World Horror Convention '08: Salt Lake City Utah

Nicholas' Diverse Media just released two novels, PRAY, SERPENT'S PREY (a re-release of Nick's 1988 bestselling first novel, see "Featured Works") and the second, THE WICKED HAZE, showcases three previously incomplete Randers works put together in a psychedelic stew (click here for details).  Look for more "Books From the Vault" soon (see yellow paragraph below for related info)!  Also, watch out for DIVERSE ARCANUM, a huge coffee table book showcase of full-color journal pages and tons of art!

Secondly, we've published SHOCKING TALES OF MURDER & INSANITY, raw & dark poetry by author Jake Istre!  It's available now, click book image for details!

Other news.....writer/director Larry Cohen (It's Alive, Q: The Winged Serpent, etc.) telephoned Nicholas last August, concerning the It's Alive remake novelization!  Details as things progress......

Nicholas will be  touring and out promoting THE WICKED HAZE and DIVERSE TALES this year (2006).  In the meantime, a special edition reprint of his 1988 mass market paperback romance "SWEET DREAMS, LADY MOON" is NOW AVAILABLE!  This is the first title in a long line of Grabowsky-penned "books from the vault." Diverse Media is publishing these previously out-of-print books or unpublished works (like Wicked Haze, Shadow Walk and Tale of the Makeshift Faire) only through (because it's fast and cheap.....we're saving all new works for the big boys.  Ordering details here for Lady Moon) so the reading public can do what the depths of Nick's file cabinets can't:  ENJOY THEM (hopefully!)

Officially, he's set all Halloween movie matters aside (see below) and is concentrating on writing and directing "Cutting Edges", started a new novel ("The Sirens of Knowland"), and is at work on a full-length screenplay of "The Rose Hole," based on a story from Diverse Tales.  We'll post any new developments as they happen, as usual!

The War of the Worlds novel reprint was released, just in time for last summer's Spielberg blockbuster!  Nicholas wrote a special introduction for this book (with splendid artwork by Sean Simmans), as well as the reprint of The Invisible Man!  Go to Books & Merchandise to order! 

Old Hat (archives):

See Nicholas in the independent horror film Scalped (as a wild dog/man)! From Sacramento's Apprehensive Films....(click here for info)

There is no news of any more Grabowsky-related works in the Halloween movies franchise.  There is a Grabowsky fan club at the Official Halloween Message Board for the fans that want him to pen Halloween 9 and a lot of rumors floating around the major horror news web sites, but the official word from Nick and Diverse Media is "we'll just go about other projects and not hold our breath waiting to be involved.   (see "Short Fiction" for a peek at the unfinished Halloween 5 novel though)!

 **The first official Everborn screensaver is still available for free!!!!  An exclusive from Karstens Creations !  Click the ad to the left to get it!**

Peter Straub & Nick, WHC 2006

Cutting Edges film news, to avoid being redundant, can be found on our fairly-new FILMS page, so click there for details on the Grabowsky written/directed slasher creature feature beginning production 2011!

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On stage with other writer guests of honor at Halloween's 25th anniversary convention, '02

Nicholas & Clive Barker at Dark Delicacies, 12/03

Signing H4 & Everborn at Dark Delicacies, 12/03

The illustrious horror author Fred Wiehe with Koji Suzuki (The Ring) and Nick at WHC 2006.



Many more appearances of importance to come!

Upcoming releases/Project news

An awesome experience indeed it was, at the WHC in Salt Lake. Nick hooked up with many outstanding talents and friends, such as Cody Goodfellow, Simon Clark, the folks at +The Horror Library+, and with his special guest and fellow Triad author Norm Applegate sharing his table. And that Friday night was especially a blast.

Diverse Arcanum, a full color coffee table book, contains pages from the so-named journal Nicholas carried around with him throughout an entire decade and contains entries, artwork, tidbits and contributions from the author, his friends, and famous names.  Due for release 2009.

A small traditional publishing house and division of Diverse Media, Black Bed Sheet Books has opened its doors!  We have nearly forty authors and unleashed an assault on the literary world in 2009 with the release of almost two dozen titles, mostly horror/fantasy, and this year (2010) is already ROCKING with our new summer releases!. 

  Reprints down the road:

Other projects in the works:  The Downwardens, The Sirens of Knowland, and the Everborn sequel, Watchmaids!  Keep checking here for new postings, events, appearances, new releases!!!!!

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Author Angelina M. Robinson and Nick, WHC 2006

Splatterpunk horror writing guru extraordinaire John Skipp taking over guitar during our small balcony sing-along at the Leisure Books party, WHC 2006

World Horror Convention 2006 kicked off Nick's tour with fireworks and what turned out to be a very spiritual experience with fellow writers both in the industry and all those very special independent/small press/trying-to-make-it-a-living writers we care so much about.......a great deal of our friends were there, outstanding authors Nick has never met face-to-face and now has!

Nick's guests at the con were Fred Wiehe (author of Strange Days) and Angelina M. Robinson (Lost Hunger series), who signed along with him and took in all the surrounding San Francisco atmosphere SF had to offer within a radius of a block or so. One night found  The Ring's Koji Suzuki expressing his desire to have Nick's books translated into Japanese, while another night found Nick and Peter Straub gobbling the best pizza and drinking to good times long into the night (and night after night as far as everyone was concerned) at Nick's balcony table. 

Black Bed Sheet Books!

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The big surprise for Nick was when he was listing the names of writers who inspired him the most and John Skipp of The Scream and Light at the End came up when somebody said "John Skipp?  He's right over there" and the rest is history.  He's an outstanding dude.  On a side note, Angel Robinson is a tornado from which no one escapes, and author Fred Wiehe is a man among men.  And horror writers.

Check out other touring and appearance dates below, for this season promises to be a wild ride!

From May '06: World Horror Convention and so forth....

The Sacramento Horror Film Festival 2007:

Nicholas revived a short film he made out of high school with friends, and it's quite entertaining. Watch BBS Production's WORLD PREMIERE NOW!

Our Horrorfind '06 private afterparty ---Garry Charles, Angel Robinson, Phyllis Haupert & Nick

Fred Wiehe and his famous Frankenstein head at Silicon, '06

World Horror Con poster & promo ad

Clockwise: Kristy Tallman, Louise Bahmer, Sue Dent, & "Godfather" Nick

Nicholas & Brian Lumley

Horrorfind '06 poster & promo ad seen everywhere

     World Horror Con in Toronto was an incredible adventure, and since then word has circulated around the internet regarding Nick’s loss of luggage.  His plane was late getting in the first day (Thursday), and the folks at Air Canada made sure his luggage didn’t come in until  the following Sunday after the con closed


22006 was an awesome year.  Nick traveled more widely than any year previous promoting his stuff, and highlights of the latter portion include the Horrorfind con in Baltimore, where his special guests included Angelina Robinson and British author Garry Charles.  That was Garry's first time outside of the U.K., and he had quite an adventure (you can read all about it in Garry's interview with Horrorscope here.).

     Angel Robinson held a post-convention party for Nick and Garry at her home that rocked, invited all her close friends and family, prepared a feast.  It was incredible.  Also there was Phyllis Haupert, who promoted the children’s book FLATTY KAT: TALES OF AN URBAN FELINE at Horrorfind to much success.  And the convention party hosted by Matthew Warner to promote his novel EYES EVERYWHERE was indeed an experience to be remembered and attracted a very large crowd of authors ranging from John Skipp to Dustin LaValley, James A. Moore and Lisa Mannetti.

In October, Nick was a guest at SILICON in San Jose, and hung out again with friends Fred Wiehe, Mister Lobo, and a legion of Klingons, had a blast there as well. 

These are but few of the highlights of '06, but, well, you get the point....

     Needless to say, he had the pleasure of showing off his three lovely guests and their works (Kristy Tallman, Louise Bahmer and Sue Dent), and hobnobbed with some of horror literature’s best and brightest, participated in programming, saw the sights, did the partying thing as only Nick can do, and topped it all off with an x-large pizza all for himself.  One particular highlight for the author personally was spending time story-swapping with friends Phil, Diana Barron, and likewise partying with Derek Sullivan and Sephera Giron.  A few writing/publishing opportunities came his way, and we’ll be seeing the results of those in the near future……


Nicholas with table guest and Into the Basement author Norm Applegate at WHC '08


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Introducing three short stories & three novellas: While on vacation, a young man’s fiancé becomes a heart-collecting Yuletide Thing on Christmas Eve. Get stuck in traffic when The Freeway Reaper claims another soul. A suburban family is plagued by a horde of were-rats.  Special Agent Sam Cross, mortally wounded by a Jamaican specter, journeys into a psychedelic Festival of Fallen Souls in search of a supernatural healer whose lover’s touch brings in contrast instant death. A legendary flesh eater arrives on the shores of an ancient Minoan city, infecting its population, beginning with a teenage boy’s father who’s summoned by the pompous king to become an undead garbage disposal. In Red Afterworld, an ex juvenile preacher gets his childhood wish of becoming a vampire when he’s recruited into a male-only biker fraternity and finds himself one of the few survivors of global nuclear war,  discovers a time portal in the Arizona desert with the hope of saving the world, and finds true love.  Including extra minor works from the author’s youth and the short screenplay Cutting Edges, the basis for an upcoming film and the author’s directorial debut, Red Wet Dirt is to die for and is destined to become a classic way beyond its genre!

Check out the FILMS page for news of the independent film INTO THE BASEMENT!

As a special guest Oct '07, Nick lectured, hung out with Tony Todd, Mister Lobo, Tony Moran, and a plethora of local talent for a fantastic weekend.....after hours party at Nick's (went great!)

World Horror Convention 2007: Toronto, Canada


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