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New novel of UFO/fantasy marks the return of a genre favorite

SACRAMENTO, Calif.-  Hailed by fans of horror/science fiction throughout the U.S. and Europe for a string of popular novels such as The Rag Man, Pray Serpent’s Prey, Sweet Dreams Lady Moon and Halloween IV,  Nicholas Grabowsky reclaims his stance in the forefront of  genre literature with his most ambitious work, The Everborn.

     Grabowsky captivated readers with mass market paperback fiction from the mid-eighties through the early nineties, establishing a large following while immersed in UFO studies and at work on The Everborn for twelve years.  Aside from his writing career, Grabowsky has been in the limelight both as a gospel preacher and rock vocalist, teacher, and activist resulting from the abduction of his sister which reached headlines in 1995, and shares a pivotal role in establishing Michael Myers as an American horror icon.

     In regards to The Everborn, presently being optioned as a major motion picture, Mr. Grabowsky hopes “to do to the alien phenomenon what Anne Rice did with vampires…..”

     The tale deals with beings who “fell from heaven” at the dawn of mankind’s history and integrated themselves into the human gene pool, fathering themselves from life to life in a bizarre reincarnation cycle throughout the ages.

     The story involves Max Polito, a renowned ufologist bent on proving to the world that these beings exist and are responsible for a majority of all UFO phenomena.  His exploits lead him to an “Everborn” reborn into society as a pair of twins, one possessing an eternal soul and one who does not, one a timid ghostwriter with a surreal guardian angel and the other a vicious serial killer on a quest to be “born again.”

     When “Scratch,” the evil twin, joins forces with the ancient she-demon Salvatia to annihilate the alien race and dominate all of mankind, it is up to Polito, a hell-raising novelist, and a mysterious “alien grey” who calls himself “the Watcher” to launch a covert operation back through time to thwart the apocalyptic conflict.

     The Everborn is Mr. Grabowsky’s first independent release, in conjunction with 1st Books Library of Bloomington, Indiana.  His official website is www.downwarden.com.