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note: Nicholas wrote his first screenplay, "The Three Introverts", in or around his first year of high school, in either '79 or '80, and submitted it to an Los Angeles talent agency who published this promotional review.  Nothing ever came of it, and the script has since been lost.  Nevertheless, this is presented here for kicks and is an example of just how far back his writing efforts started maturing .


            SUBJECT: science fiction



NICK GRABOWSKY’s original screenplay, “THE THREE INTROVERTS” is a simple, yet charming science fiction fantasy that encourages us to enjoy the details of a carefully crafted tale that reads like a Stephen Spielberg property. The author, an exciting new writer, lets out his story as carefully as a fisherman with a big one on the hook, constructing an incredible adventure for three men whose lives become forever changed.....Brigsby Stems, fired from his job at a computer store for not getting along with the customers, playing too many video games on the job and bringing his parrot to work; Filbert Flam, fired from his job at a pet store because he vacuum cleaned the hamster cages, drove his boss crazy and for all other purposes is downright stupid; and Erny Inidger who managed a career mopping floors in an insane asylum. A meteorite has landed in a large park and these three men must help the being inside to find a sphere which contains all the information about the alien race and their technology that they have kept with them while traveling to and from galaxies but lost in an asteroid belt. They must help the meteorite find this sphere to save this alien race or they will soon become helpless. The sphere is in the hands of Kashvenov, a powerful and wealthy man who sends out his men to get the meteorite from the three, thinking that if he has it he will have all of the power and knowledge of beings from space and will be capable of ruling the world. Their wild adventure complete with a child like 8 ft. alien and cars flying in mid air, a dark murky castle and ‘E.T.’ type ending reads like a dream that could become a reality were producers to capitalize on Mr. GRABOWSKY”s clever imagination. “THE THREE INTROVERTS” is guaranteed to be a sure fire attraction with sequel possibilities....capitalizing on audience desire for science fiction fantasy thrillers.