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Brand new edition available soon (early 2009) in trade paperback and hardcover from Black Bed Sheet Books!

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A full color coffee table book, contains pages from the so-named journal Nicholas carried around with him throughout an entire decade and contains entries, artwork, tidbits and contributions from the author, his friends, and famous names.  Due for release late 2009/early 2010.

For praise, review links, and insight to the story, go HERE. Grabowsky's masterpiece is best described by others.   "Nicholas.....I salute you!  A fertile and blissfully complex imagination....I'll await the next work with much anticipation!"  ---Clive Barker.......

Golden Award winner!  Best Horror and Science Fiction novel of 2004 --American Author's Association!

Shocking Tales of Murder & Insanity

You're Dead Already .....Living In Hell

2005 trade paperback or hardcover, 372 pages, Diverse Media

2005 trade paperback or hardcover, 144 pages, Diverse Media

Jake Istre--- Highly popular underground cult writer and bassist, actor and high-end restaurant chef who personally prepares meals for such celebrities as California Governor Schwarzenegger; author of such acclaimed works of poetry as "Shocking Tales of Murder & Insanity" and Sacramento's crowned resident "street poet." Presented here are intense, explicit, raw and highly personal collected prose and short stories mirroring a life's dark journey of experience, angst, love and loss, drugs and twisted death and sex and high times lived to the fullest. Do partake and enjoy. "One of the top 5 poets of 2005!" ---Preditors & Editors 2005 Readers Poll

Pray, Serpent's Prey

“His imagery is striking!” ---New Blood Magazine

“Grabowsky is genuine talent” ---Wally George, nationally syndicated talk show host, “The Hot Seat,” and KDOC-TV Los Angeles

Tattered/The Rag Man

Original Authorhouse version was available in hardcover and trade paperback, 460 pages, 2003 release  !

Special edition reprint of the bestselling 1988 Critic's Choice mass market paperback of supernatural horror, written by Grabowsky under the infamous pseudonym of Nicholas Randers.

An ancient predecessor of modern-day vampires casts its evil upon the peaceful Montana town of Bloomgarden circa 1980's, where high-schooler Chris Barrett, his friends, a mysterious old man and a self-righteous preacher must learn to deal with these formidable demons while wrestling with their inner ones. Celebrated as the author's first published work, this was also the first in a succession of early Grabowsky horror-fantasies penned under the Randers name.

Terror is the Nemesis of mankind, peeking over our shoulders, following us into shadowed corners, and making our worst nightmares come true.

If you want a true taste of the myriad forms terror can take, try a sampling of fifteen stories by some award-winning stars of the horror genre, including John Everson and Nicholas Grabowsky. Follow the bloody trail of tortured spirits, macabre monsters, and worst of all, diabolical human beings, into a world we all know exists but try to avoid at all costs. Echoes of Terror explores the darkest reaches of what is, what might be, and what we hope could not possibly be true. With a vivid variety of styles and voices, there is something for every horror fan in this chilling collection.


Featuring a Grabowsky short story exclusively for this antho, "Looks Like A Rat To Me."ad you into the darkness...

Won't you.......        Sign our guestbook!

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A little history about this book if you click HERE  (pop-up window).

Flatty Kat, Mister Babee, Stinky, and Crispy the Wonder Ghost Cat love to sit and tell stories at the Moove On In milk bar. And oh, the tales they have to tell! Did you know cats' fur gets green when they get too close to the sun? Have you heard the latest groovin' hit from Cat Master Flash? Or find out just exactly how Flatty Kat became flat! Read the misadventures of everyone's favorite one-dimensional cat!

Warning:  lots of litter box humor and great times!




Pray, Serpent's Prey (Nicholas Randers pen name)

1988 Mass Market Paperback, 372 pages, Critic's Choice Paperbacks/Lorevan Publishing




The Everborn


 The Wicked Haze

Nicholas Grabowsky presents three previously unfinished, unreleased tales written during his days as Nicholas Randers, the name he once used penning bestselling paperback horror. Here, fused together to make a psychedelic fantasy tale both nightmarish and brashly idiotic, are a series of parables and visions brought about by two strangers on a chance meeting on the street one foggy night under the influence of hallucinogen-laced sugar cubes.  Features the cult favorite oddity Pastor Birthday and the Golden Urinal!

June Park

Halloween IV:  The Special Limited Edition

An epic tale acclaimed highly by many of the critics and top brass in genre literature since its initial publishing in 2001, The Everborn concerns the offspring of fallen angels that have lived among us since the dawn of man. Throughout the ages, they live life after life in normal society until each one falls in love and fathers their own child. Before that child is born, they undergo a rapid degeneration into a fetal state before they disappear entirely and become reborn into a new life, essentially becoming their own fathers.

All of them male, they live out their commonplace lives under the covert protection of Watchmaids, inter-dimensional female beings whose purpose is to ensure no harm comes to them under penalty of banishment into a state of eternal loneliness.

When an Everborn is reborn as a set of twins, one a soulless serial killer on a quest to be born again into a sinless life and the other a kind-hearted ghostwriter for a world-famous rock-and-roll horror novelist, a banished Watchmaid claims her role in an ancient prophecy to use the soulless twin as a means to re-enter our world and bring about its destruction.

2003 trade paperback, 188 pages

It's the return of Michael Myers in the definitive Halloween series novelization!  By special arrangement with Trancas International Films, Nicholas Grabowsky presents a special, limited edition of his novel.  With additional and expanded chapters, this all-new version adds an exciting dimension to the Michael Myers legacy!  In 1978, Michael Myers escaped from an asylum and executed a grisly murder spree upon his home town of Haddonfield.  Ten years later, he's back......and this time it's for his six-year-old niece.

Most titles can be purchased at Amazon.com, B&N and many online book stores, some are rare but can be ordered used from collectors and sellers at those sites, and most of the later titles can also be found in most brick and mortar stores like Borders, B&N, and the like.  Any questions, please email the address at the bottom of this page or access the search using the link above.

Also, be sure to visit our BLACK BED SHEET site (www.downwarden.com/blackbedsheet) for Black Bed Sheet Books titles, merchandise, and more!


Halloween IV

1988 mass market paperback, Critic's Choice Paperbacks/Lorevan Publishing, also 1989 Guild Press mass market paperback

Sweet Dreams, Lady Moon

2005 trade paperback, 117 pages, Diverse Media

Nicholas Grabowsky wrote as Marsena Shane in the 1988 mass market paperback work-for-hire romance classic about a young woman frustrated with her life who dreams about a mysterious love interest until he manifests into her real world, now presented here revised, resurrected  and self-published with cheesy but entertaining photoshop illustrations by Grabowsky himself when he was drunk.  It's a good story, well-written enough to gain Grabowsky his first agent back almost twenty years ago, and spawned a screenplay.  The original paperback is extremely rare, but Diverse Media made it available again for whoever wants to read..  It's cheap, dark, and though pink on the outside, it's sure to whet the appetite of any Grabowsky fan yearning for something a deeper red afterwards.  Call it a before-dinner mint, or, compared to dinner, like some damn good parsley decorating the ribeye steak..

1989 mass market paperback, Critic's Choice Paperbacks/Lorevan Publishing

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Shadow Walk

The paperback's extremely rare, and we can't find any existing copies floating around.  But to revive it, Nick's planning on a Diverse Media version just to get it back out, with important revisions.  See "News & Updates" for details on its long-awaited re-release and story info.........

First novel under the Marsena Shane pen name.

Diverse Tales

2005 trade paperback or hardcover, 228 pages, Diverse Media/Booksurge

A young boy on a grocery errand returns with a bag of soil from the Garden of Eden. A Wanting Seed determines to crawl back into its mother's womb.

1988 mass market paperback, Critic's Choice Paperbacks/Lorevan Publishing/University Press/Carol Publishing

1990 mass market paperback, Critic's Choice/Lorevan/Carol Publishing

A bloodletting grandmother. An enchanted rose hole. Demons protecting a church from pranksters. Diverse Tales is the long-awaited collection of the lost works of a modern-day master of offbeat and macabre fiction.  Presented here are tales both horrific and sentimental, humorous and shocking, that are sure to please both devoted fans and readers of every genre.  Sit back, relax, and experience the world of Diverse Tales.

 "Very entertaining!" --Dee Wallace Stone(E.T., The Howling). "Grabowsky succeeds in making the whole world creepy!" Heidi Martinuzzi, E! Entertainment Television.

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Anthologies, Introductions, As Editor, etc, done recently.

Echoes of Terror

2007 Lachesis Publishing, trade paperback

Red Wet Dirt


 Diverse Arcanum

FEAR: An Anthology of Horror and Suspense

2006 Whiskey Creek Press, trade paperback

With a introduction by Nicholas Grabowsky, and a TOC that includes John Everson, Louise Bohmer, Katherine Smith, Nancy Jackson and Giovanna Lagana, this is a collection not to be missed! Pick yours up in e-book or trade paperback now!

2009 trade paperback, Black Bed Sheet Books/Diverse Media

Embark to Madness

2005 Coscom Entertainment, trade paperback

Nineteen authors will take you into the realm of madness: visit George Raymond’s house, the Whisper Tide Inn, or a haunted hotel. Beware of the Dust Creatures, demons disguised as priests, or an eerie soul selling special watches. Feel the need for human hearts besides your own? Cheating on your wife, perhaps? Find a dead baby in the trash? A serial killer who thinks he’s Dracula? Imagine a girl who doesn’t exist, and you have to look for her. Can’t get over the death of your dog? Too bad. Have to get a hold of someone who has the answer to all your problems but just can’t reach him?

Terribly twisted tales, and these are just a taste of what’s in store.

This is the reality of Madness.

Introduction by Nicholas Grabowsky

Introducing three short stories & three novellas: While on vacation, a young man’s fiancé becomes a heart-collecting Yuletide Thing on Christmas Eve. Get stuck in traffic when The Freeway Reaper claims another soul. A suburban family is plagued by a horde of were-rats.  Special Agent Sam Cross, mortally wounded by a Jamaican specter, journeys into a psychedelic Festival of Fallen Souls in search of a supernatural healer whose lover’s touch brings in contrast instant death. A legendary flesh eater arrives on the shores of an ancient Minoan city, infecting its population, beginning with a teenage boy’s father who’s summoned by the pompous king to become an undead garbage disposal. In Red Afterworld, an ex juvenile preacher gets his childhood wish of becoming a vampire when he’s recruited into a male-only biker fraternity and finds himself one of the few survivors of global nuclear war,  discovers a time portal in the Arizona desert with the hope of saving the world, and finds true love.  Including extra minor works from the author’s youth and the short screenplay Cutting Edges, the basis for an upcoming film and the author’s directorial debut, Red Wet Dirt is to die for and is destined to become a classic way beyond its genre!

The War of the Worlds (H.G. Wells)
2005 Coscom Entertainment, trade paperback re-issue

"...at the turn of the century and the mentalities of society back then, no one had entertained the idea of an extraterrestrial invasion before. Period."

- Nicholas Grabowsky, from his introduction

Buck Alice and the Actor-robot by Walter Koenig


The Invisible Man (H.G. Wells)
2005 Coscom Entertainment, trade paperback re-issue

"...stripping the work down to its bare bones...one will admit that the very concept itself is one of land marked proportions draped layer after compelling layer of ideology and vision which has been the subject of analysis and inspiration for the best of us ever since."

- Nicholas Grabowsky, from his introduction

Thirteen stories by some good up-and-coming authors, featuring a forward and story "The Freeway Reaper" by Nicholas.

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Flatty Kat: Tales of an Urban Feline

2006 Diverse Media, full-color, square, 52 pages 

A fully illustrated, fun and witty treat for children of all ages! Renown artist Phyllis Haupert and world-acclaimed horror/fantasy novelist Nicholas Grabowsky combined forces to create this full-color children's book already winning the hearts of kids, parents, and cat-lovers alike!

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These are in the works, but here are a few recent periodicals containing cool Grabowsky interviews, stories, and reviews for now

Corpse Magazine, Vol. 1 Issue 2

2004 Oleander Press, softcover

Oleander Press brings you the very best the underworld of horror has to offer in The Corpse Magazine. This edition features the talents of such authors as Del Stone Jr, Harrison Howe, John Kiel Alexander and more. This quarterly magazine is nothing but a dark descent into the world of the undead. But it doesn’t stop there. This issue also features the amazing, and disturbing, artwork of fan favorite Alan K, an in-depth interview with Nicholas Grabowsky, author of Pray, Serpants Prey, The Rag Man and more, plus reviews of the latest and greatest horror novels by Paul Grant. Come get your horror fix with the blood-curdling encounter only The Corpse Magazine provides. This amazing quarterly magazine is available in both print and electronic format. Stripping away the glitz and glamour of the horror Hollywood has convinced us as truth, The Corpse Magazine gives it to you straight. This is raw, sheer terror. http://www.corpsemag.com.  Praise by Ramsey Campbell!

Your Heart Belongs to You!

The Haunted Poet Issue #2

2006, saddle-stitched

Magazine of horror & macabre poetry including Russell Oaine, Paul Campbell, James Kelley, with interviews of Midnight Syndicate's Gavin Goszka and Nicholas Grabowsky.

2008 Triad Publishing Group, Trade Paperback

Published, designed and edited by Nicholas Grabowsky

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by Jake Istre

2005 Diverse Media, trade paperback,

Over sixty book reviews and essays about the horror genre pertaining to literature, inspired and derived from our "Reads & Reviews" page at Downwarden.com!



Dark Gothic issue #1 spring '07---Artwork and interviews with Darknyss and graphic designer Jason Beam, interviews with Yazbelle, creator of the Bochos, Ghosts Destroy Us, Kristen Battestella, vampire/gothic author, and master author of horror stories, Nicholas Grabowsky. Plus poetry and short stories from Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, Jackie Coupe, Dave Halk, Spider, and John Neumeister, with fresh meat from J.L. Day, Erica Tyler-Haw, Leanne Bridgewater, and Countess Celina.

The Easy Way to Great Legs

Nick Reads & Reviews (2004-2007)

2006 Diverse Media, trade paperback, 104 pages

1989 Critic's Choice/Lorevan/University Press/Carol Publishing

Music inspired by Nick's works, coming soon

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Extremely rare mass market paperback under the Marsena Shane pen name.

You can also buy Nicholas Grabowsky books and look for rare ones such as "The Rag Man (Tattered), "Nancy" (bio of Nancy Reagan) and "The Easy Way to Great Legs" (under the pen name of Marsena Shane) by a book search using the form to the left, or look for them at online retailers like the ones below:

The ultimate science fiction novel by Walter Koenig (Star Trek's Chekov), introduction by George Clayton Johnson (Logan's Run), with cover art  by Sean Simmans!

Edited by Nicholas Grabowsky

From the Shadows

2005 Coscom Entertainment, Trade Paperback, a reprint from the 1988 mass market paperback from Critic's Choice Paperbacks/Lorevan

2007 trade paperback, Triad Publishing Group



1988 paperback, Critic's Choice/Lorevan/Carol Publishing

1989 paperback, Critic's Choice/Lorevan/Carol Publishing


Under the pen name of Marsena Shane, Grabowsky wrote the first two titles in the Critic's Choice series "Body Dynamics," in the late 1980's.

Doorways Magazine Issue #4

Magazine, December 2007

Special Christmas double issue of the popular genre magazine, featuring Grabowsky's short story "The Yuletide Thing."


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