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  We're accepting submissions for 2013 releases-- full-length novels, novellas, short story collections, horror genre-related but will look at Science Fiction/Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and the like.

We are also accepting submissions for our upcoming EBOOK ONLY line of titles, to be sold at our online store as we broaden our abilities to create and sell them.



When Black Bed Sheet Books is currently accepting submissions, our policy is this:  we look at agented/unagented, simultaneous okay (that is, we accept submissions of material you currently have other potential publishers eyeballing as well).  Really, we're open to publishing just about anything, but we specialize in publishing fiction....particularly of a dark nature: Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Suspense, Young Adult, Contemporary, Thriller, anything appealing to us and written very very well.  If you don't think your writing is exemplary, don't shy away.  If it shows promise and meets what we're looking for, we can work with you to make it exemplary.  We believe in opening doorways for damn good talent that larger publishers don't seem to have time for, as well as accomplished, seasoned pros.  See our "About Black Bed Sheet" page for particulars of who we are as a publisher.  We specialize in traditional publishing, and strive every day to maintain traditional publishing standards.  We charge our authors no fees and work with them as a team.

GUIDELINES:  Contact us first with a query.

QUERIES:  Email below with salutations, brief descriptions, tell us what you're offering.  We'll work from there:

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