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Nicholas Grabowsky is an author, actor, singer, songwriter and tutor, having a body of work to his credit including novels, screenplays, poetry and songs.  His wildly odd and eccentric imagination blossomed in kindergarten, where he was convinced he was a vampire, biting frightened girls on their arms during recess and flapping his jacket around the playground pretending to fly on a regular basis up through grade two.  It was serious enough for teacher/parent meetings.

     His storytelling career unofficially began as early as elementary school, where an assignment writing tall tales turned into an obsession generating dozens of one-to-five-page stories during and after the third grade.  During the fifth and sixth grades, he spent numerous after school hours creating a comic strip he called Gooneyville containing a cast of characters largely resembling musical notes, their adventures photocopied and distributed to classmates, teachers and librarians on an average weekly basis.  Related stories evolved into scripts and he recruited a wide variety of friends to act out parts on audio "books" complete with background music and dramatic sounds that he produced and sold regularly on cassette tapes around town. Afterwards he turned heavily to music, poetry and writing fantasy fiction in junior high.

     His upbringing was  dominated, in large part, by a church life which eventually effected his aspirations, and his teen years were spent engrossed in various denominations of Christian Fundamentalism and Evangelism.  Throughout those years, Nicholas found himself involved in all extremes of the faith, experiencing everything from bizarre Christian cults to Baptists to faith healers. His gradual devotion to that arena led him to develop a yearning for biblical teaching and further his passion for music.  While his days were spent writing for the school newspaper, engaging in school dramatic productions and choral events and directing short film projects, his nights were devoted to his continued obsession with writing stories of the offbeat and fantastic, a foreshadowing of what was to be his lot in life. 

     The rest of Nick's time would find him increasingly trying to make it in the world of Contemporary Christian Music.  Influenced by the driving ambitions of gospel ministers coupled with such profound musical inspirations as Keith Green and Randy Stonehill, he mastered a rock n' roll piano style, composed several dozen original songs, directed choirs, taught theology and Bible studies, and could be found performing and preaching before congregations of up to thousands of people before the age of 19. 

     During this time, he'd completed the first draft of a novel he had started in his tenth grade math class (unbeknownst to his teacher) entitled Pray, Serpent's Prey, which was intended to be an allegorical Christian story of demon/vampires invading a town and a pastor who learns to use the power of God to cast them out.  When he showed it around, the church-going folk which dominated his life just didn't get it.  They saw the vampires and violence as "too worldly" or even written outright under demonic influences, and there was talk that Nick was dabbling in the Occult. To top that off, Nick found himself the subject of a scandalous "pre-marital" affair and a consequential blacklisting in the very Christian circles he was devoted to.  On the tail end of all this came the birth of his son, Jeremy.  Betrayed but thoroughly enlightened with a bright new confidence, Nicholas parted ways with the church world, reclaimed his life, and revised his novel.

     His following years were spent in and out of college dramatic acting and music programs, entertaining in Los Angeles area piano bars and on local television shows.  He pursued a career as an actor and acquired bit roles and paychecks as a Hollywood extra until an acting class taught by Walter Koenig (Star Trek's Chekov) gave him a connection which led to Pray Serpent's Prey's publication and the beginning of what was to become a successful writing career. 

     Originally going by the pen name of Nicholas Randers (and occasionally Marsena Shane) until he settled upon using his real name in the mid-nineties, Nicholas has published numerous works including The Everborn, Halloween IV, Sweet Dreams Lady Moon, The Rag Man, Nancy, June Park, Diverse Tales, Tale of the Makeshift Faire, Shocker II (for Wes Craven, though never produced), The Wicked Haze, Diverse Arcanum, a series of self-help books, scripts, poetry and short stories.  His writing has gained international acclaim.

     Throughout, he's also been an activist, a creative writing teacher and lecturer, private writing tutor and freelancer, a coordinator for a foreign student homestay program, a phone room sales manager, an artist of sorts, and a short-lived band frontman keeping company with underground Orange County and L.A. bands. In 2000, he was initiated into the Western historical brotherhood of E. Clampus Vitus.  In 2003, he founded his own Diverse Media, a small but effective independent publishing/promotions organization.

     In 1995, he moved from Southern California to Sacramento to join his retired parents in the search for his sister Carol, who was abducted from her school;  after a widely publicized 6-month ordeal, her body was discovered in a local drainage ditch.  Upon this terrible outcome, he resolved to remain in Sacramento and resides there to this day.  His singing now remains passionately confined to popular area karaoke bars, right where he likes it, and whenever he sings, he rocks the house.  Though his church days remain in the past, he's still known to voice his beliefs on any good talkative day.  He's also become quite a gardener, where he manages to get more than a moment's much-needed peace. 

     In 2008, Mr. Grabowsky completed and published his collection Red Wet Dirt and is hard at work on a list of follow-ups including The Sirens of Knowland, The Downwardens, the Everborn sequel Watchmaids, has co-written the screenplay with Norm Applegate for Triad Picture's suspense feature Into the Basement, and is currently writing and directing the independent slasher creature feature "Cutting Edges."

In October 2008, Nicholas expanded his Diverse Media small press into BLACK BED SHEET BOOKS, a larger, more traditional publishing house, and plans are underway for a further expansion with its sister production company for independent films, BLACK BED SHEET PRODUCTIONS.

Finally published & proud!

Foreign homestay student program coordinator

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Novel-length Fiction:

Pray, Serpent's Prey

Halloween IV

The Rag Man (or Tattered)

Sweet Dreams, Lady Moon

Shadow Walk

Tale of the Makeshift Faire

Halloween IV: Special Limited Edition

The Everborn

Diverse Tales

The Wicked Haze


Nancy (Biography of the First Lady)

The Easy Way to Great Legs

Your Heart Belongs to You

The Writing Lab Rat

Diverse Arcanum

Contributions of Recent Note:

The War of the Worlds --H.G. Wells (Introduction)

The Invisible Man --H.G. Wells (Introduction)

Embark To Madness -----anthology by various authors (Introduction)

Shocking Tales of Murder and Insanity ---by Jake Istre (introduction)

Buck Alice and the Actor-Robot ----by Walter Koenig (editor)


The Three Introverts

Kill Me, I Like It

Shocker II

Sweet Dreams, Lady Moon



Masters of the Universe

Night of the Creeps

Halloween: 25 Years of Terror

Onslaught of the Crawling Potato Chips

Cutting Edges

FEAR: An Anthology of Horror & Suspense  (Introduction)

Echoes of Terror (Short story, "Looks Like A Rat To Me")

Nick Reads & Reviews

June Park

Red Wet Dirt

From the Shadows (Short story, "The Freeway Reaper")

Doorways Magazine #4 (Short story, "The Yuletide Thing")

Into the Basement (w/Norm Applegate)

KDOC-TV w/Wally George (Southern California)