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Asylum of the Ancient Ones

ISBN: 978-0-6926953-6-4

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Not long ago, some extremely devoted H.P. Lovecraft fans called themselves the H.P. Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum, and soon some became many. Eventually they crafted a unique anthology from poets, authors, and artists. Editor/contributor Dawn M. Matthews wove them into one cohesive story that takes place in an asylum. The tales are told by the patients with a wraparound story that works it into the main story , hence creating a terrifying read.

The asylum is not ordinary,, of course. Its main goal is to bring the Old Ones back to this dimension and wake Cthulhu (though not in a way that you might think). The result is what you hold here in your hands, which presents not only an amazing and original achievement in Lovecraft lore from yet unsung brilliant minds and fervent genre enthusiasts, but a satisfying collective thriller but beware upon reading this: you WILL fear the Ancient Ones….


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