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Asylum of the Ancient Ones!
It Happened on Negro Mountain


ISBN: 978-0-69242540-4

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From the haunting story of an alienated young boy yearning to be understood to the brutal bloodbath invoked by a satanic excuse for a small town preacher to the creepiest birthing center you've ever imagined, Jason Gehlert's debut release will astound, horrify and delight you – sometimes all at once.
Gehlert's style is muscular, even brutal on occasion, as he batters at your brain with a collection kicks off with a gleeful hat tip to our Twlightesque past and then digs down deep for more bloody, visceral thrills that will leave bloody trails in your nightmares for weeks to come. 
Poetry is intertwined, some of it featuring characters from the stories, some of it freestanding and ferocious in its sexuality.
A shock to the brain, the nervous system, that fight or flight warning bell that goes off just before the knife slices down, a promise of great things to come. Keep an eye out for Mr. Gehlert. With all that frenetic, maniacal imagination bursting out of his head, if he doesn't become a fantastically popular author, he's got a promising career as a serial killer ahead of him.

– Deb Hoag, author, Queer and Loathing on the Yellow Brick Road from Dog Horn Publishing



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