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In the Absence of Sun

UPC: /Library of Congress: #201294625

ISBN: 978-0-9858829-1-4

$18.95  $12.95
Save: 32% off

The remarkable new vampire novel from Nicole Vlachos, co-author of the 2011 vampire book sensation THE ORDER OF THE BLOOD!
Vampires are being abducted and murdered in the city of London. A fragmented coven is forced together to try and uncover the truth, but wounds that not even time has been able to heal drive them deeper into danger. Faced with complete destruction, they must find a way to overcome grievances and loss, if they are to survive. A very real threat will take them from Vampire High Society to the subterranean world of the ancient Nocturnem. Soon, the question becomes not if they can save their world, but if they can save themselves...In the Absence of Sun.
Praise for Nicole's ORDER OF THE BLOOD:  
"Twilight for ADULTS!"  -Dread Central
And MORE incredible praise from Horrornews.net, Vampirenews.com, Suburban Vampire, and across the internet wherever books are sold.

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