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Shannon Lee

Shannon Lee wasn’t always this passionate about writing. In truth, she only started after her grade six teacher complimented her on an assignment, but the spark grew when she was requested to go from class to class reading her assignment aloud.

  Yet in high school, it became an escape from the bullies and peers who saw her as something less. Even then, they tried to use her stories against her, taking paper out from under her and reading every word written. Her words were mocked and became the butt of their jokes.

   Instead of giving up, she became determination. Their words no longer bothered her; Shannon Lee turned her writing into passion. For through her own words, she learned who she was. Her craft was worked on and continues to improve through fan fiction and other forms of writing, from there, she gained the courage to attempt her first novel. Since then, Shannon hasn’t stopped. Her mind began to constantly think of new ideas, stories and characters for not just her to explore, but to the readers as well. Mythic Blood is her first novel.

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Mythic Blood Official T-shirt Black

Mythic Blood Official T-shirt Black

Official really cool-looking black 100% cotton tee featuring original art straight from the cover of Shannon Lee's remarkable debut vampire novel!...


Mythic Blood Official T-shirt White

Mythic Blood Official T-shirt White

Celebrate the release of the vampire masterpiece MYTHIC BLOOD by author Shannon Lee with this 100% cotton white tee, available in most sizes and...


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