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Mister Fishback's Monster

ISBN: 978-0-9979276-1-0

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Seaport, Oregon, 1978 . . .
Steve sits in class, half-listening to a boring lecture about Moby Dick, and staring out the window – as a Tyrannosaurus Rex prowls the football field. Sometimes, Steve imagines things. Dinosaurs. B–movie monsters. And sometimes he hears a deep, overly-dramatic voice, like one straight out of a sci–fi movie trailer:

“Can your heart stand the suspense?”

Steve wants to be a special effects artist one day, and he spends many solitary hours in his dad’s auto repair shop, animating scaly creatures made of modeling clay. His good friends, Mihn, a Vietnamese refugee, and Ken, a 250 pound wrestler and closeted Abba fan, don’t seem to mind.
After a storm hits the Oregon Coast, Steve’s biology teacher, Mister Fishback, finds a huge heap of tentacle, fin, fur – and one awful, staring eye – dead on Ono Beach. Is Mister Fishback’s Monster a fish? A mammal? A prehistoric throw back?
“Or is it some terrible, mutant combination of species?”

Every eccentric character along the coast tries to solve the gruesome mystery – including Tom McCall, running for a third term as governor. Steve brings an 8mm camera, hoping to scrounge footage for one of his monster epics. But when he unknowingly captures an ugly incident on Kodachrome, Steve becomes a target. Someone wants that film. Someone powerful.
"Just how far will they go to get it?"

Steve’s life morphs into the kind of weird monster movie you can only see very late at night, or on the warped screen of the last drive in theater.  And the special effects are amazing.

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