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Created by: Kyle Raios
Written by: Kyle Raios
Penciled by: Stephanie Bailey
Inked by: to be announced
Colored by: Kevin Nordstrom


Through Chaos, men became heroes and heroes became... Gods. Titanomachy, the Great Titan War, pitted Titan against Olympian; sons and daughters of Chaos against one another shaking the very foundations of existence. When the skies cleared and the seas retreated, the Olympians emerged victorious. Kronos, lord of the Titans, was imprisoned in Tartarus, the hell prison buried in the far reaches of the Ancient World. The ages of the Earth passed, and the Great Titan War and all that followed faded from memory... until now.

The forces of Chaos have returned. Kronos has broken free of his bonds. The fates have long sought this, and now, before our world is broken, the Olympians must be led once more into Titanomachy.

Joe Travis is the keeper of the forces of nature, the last in line of the great lineage of Zeus. One last thread of fate remains to be woven in the history of Chaos. With the power of the Earth at his command, Joe must see to the final destruction of Kronos before the world is cast once again into the blackness of Chaos.

Joe Travis is... Element.

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