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The Everborn

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Now, I'm not an X-Files kind of girl, I usually avoid most alien stories at all cost. It's nothing personal, it's just that it got old real quick for me. After reading this book, I am converted. All Hail Grabowsky! A book filled with a story so imaginative and profound, even I was astounded. Satisfying a reader's interest in alternative science fiction, classic horror, suspense and yes folks, even gore. The cherry on top, a captivating plot completely unique and interwoven definitively.

The characters are so well detailed, you feel as if you not only know them, you can see them. You find yourself becoming emotionally invested in their struggle to persevere in this world, and hold strong their humanity. Even the antagonist is not without pity or beauty. The atmosphere is complex, murky, and entraps you. You become as bewildered along the journey as the characters are, learning only as you go.

The pace is rapid, sucking you into this world of Grabowsky's, and you find yourself fearfully enjoying the ride. The style of writing is blunt, audacious and head on. While reading, you feel as if the author is whispering the tale to you. Seducing you from the first line, unable to find it in yourself to put it down and go to sleep for fear of what comes next, what horror lay ahead?

Surely you're thinking, "Now BloodyMary, this couldn't possibly be perfect". You're right; the author seriously needed an iespell, or another round of editing. Did it deter me in my reading? Absolutely not, this book rises above the average horror/science fiction novel.

I give this book a 5 . Yes, you heard it kiddies, now raise your arms and say it with me, "Here at last, Here at last, that book I bought new is Here at Last"!
Date Added: 01/30/2013 by Admin Review Poster
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