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The California Gold Rush certainly saw its day of E. Clampus Vitus, but these days Clampers are on an upswing, increasing in numbers, carrying on a tradition ancient in origin and a pivotal part of Western history.  We vow to take care of the Widders and Orphans (particularly the Widders), devoting our time to our respected fraternal organization consisting of all walks of life from Presidents to lowly Pilgrims, soaking up life and good times with charitable hearts and hellbound minds.  God, it was a bitch to get this way.

"I love horror and gore and all that cursed rowdy stuff, and though I don't read much, that's what I read when I do. Nick's books are there when I need my fix!"

------a Clamper

Heya, it's Back Door Bob! A well-respected chapter 3 brother of ten or so years and good friend.  For more on Bob, click here.

"Nick At Nite" aka yours truly

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BD Bob & Tall Man Andy