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There was no one there.

A door stood opened where he thought the figure had been. There was a sign indicating with a red arrow where the restrooms were. Another sign indicating public tele­phones. A silent video game with a cardboard sign taped over the coin slots reading OUT OF ORDER.

Blinking, Loomis crossed over to the open door. Care­fully, he peered inside and discovered a dimly lit hallway leading into a series of back rooms, two of which were marked WOMEN’S and MEN’S. Mounted onto the wall across from them to the right were two pay phones, the receivers torn away. Frustrated, the doctor turned and stepped back into the main room. What he saw then made him freeze. Terrified, he could say nothing; he barely let out a single breath, his heart nearly ceased its frantic beating.

There It was.

It was just standing there, motionless, occupying the space where the body of the strangled waitress lay; where Doctor Loomis had been only a few minutes before. Hospital gown now absent, the shape now wore mechanic’s coveralls. His face was shadowed, yet Loomis could feel his cold gaze---that aweful, hideous gaze.      

Loomis held his gun up at eye level, attempting re­lentlessly to aim, his finger trembling against the trigger, his arms far from rigid.


Then, finally, Loomis spoke. “Why now?

No answer.

Loomis continued, a nervousness in his voice. “You’ve waited ten years. I told them to let you burn. I knew this day would come.”

The shape stood, remaining there, silent and still. The diner was so incredibly tomblike at that moment that the doctor could detect the figure’s steady, oppressive breathing, even from his distance.

“Don’t go to Haddonfield,” Loomis demanded, lowering his gun. “If you want another victim, take me. But leave those people in peace.”

Yet another moment of silence. Then, finally the dark shape turned and walked away toward the door of the kitchen.

At once, Loomis again raised his gun.

“Goddamn you, Michael!”

The overwhelming silence of the diner was now in­terrupted by the booming thunder of three rapid shots. Michael was down, fallen behind the counter.

Loomis waited.


Quickly, he raced over to the counter. Brushing aside dishes and glassware, he cautiously leaned over the side.

Michael was gone.





            On October 31st, 1963, a six-year-old boy named Michael Myers brutally stabbed to death his older sister.  Committed to Smith's Grove under the care of Doctor Sam Loomis, he was diagnosed as criminally insane.  Doctor Loomis went a step further.  He said Michael Myers wasn't human.

                He said Michael Myers was pure evil.

                In 1978, Myers escaped and returned to his home town of Haddonfield, Illinois, initiating a blood bath of murders the town would never forget and ending in a grisly hospital fire.

                Ten years later, Michael Myers has returned to Haddonfield.  This time, it's for his six-year-old niece.

                 He had been waiting for so long;  and now, it's Halloween again.

****based on the screenplay by Alan B. McElroy****








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Just then, out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw something. A figure. It was standing at the diner’s far end in the shadows. Loomis swung around, pointing the gun feverishly.







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