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Brand new 2018 website! As you can see, or you wouldn't be here.  We've had this domain (, which is named after a novel titled "The Downwardens" that Nick still has yet to finish), and we've been on this site since probably 2002.  It's had many incarnations over the years, but it was time for an overhaul and we hope you absolutely love the new user-friendly and responsive modern look.  Our new improvements are fresh from the mold, and Nick has been obsessively keeping up with his publishing company Black Bed Sheet Books, but rest assured this page will be filled with more content as we go!

Second Annual Toy, Game & Pop Culture Expo, Carmichael, CA, SAT June 9 2018 Come meet Nicholas who will be signing & selling his books (and presenting titles from Black Bed Sheet Books too!) Other guests include Samanthat Newark (voice of Jem from the 80's cartoon), Lynne Stewart (Miss yvonne from Pee Wee's Playhouse) Angus Oblong and Zack Hoffman (Zartan from GI. Joe). Stay for vendors selling toys, comics and other pop culture and comic related items. 
Elks Lodge
5631 Cypress Avenue
Carmichael, CA 95608


You are NOT going to believe what we have in store at Black Bed Sheet Studios for HALLOWEEN 2018!    And with that said, if you've been one of the hundreds who have stopped by Nick's place (and the home of his publishing business) the past few Halloweens, you'll remember how we've been talking all to high hilt about expanding to, like, the back yard.  So this year, 2018 (and Black Bed Sheet Books' 10th anniversary) everyone in the area is in for quite a treat!  And as usual, free copies of books Nick will personally sign!!

Nicholas Grabowsky's Diverse Compendium


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