Grand-uncle Antonio Moreno (Nick's grandfather's brother), star of Creature From The Black Lagoon and silent films!

Antonio Moreno partial filmography at rotten tomatoes!

Carol Grabowsky (see Memorial to Carol) at "Stolen Innocence" website.

Bring back Taco De Carlos fast food forum comments


More on Nick at Fantastic Fiction!  Works & bio.  Nicholas Grabowsky Bibliography

Everborn & 1st edition Halloween IV reviews at!

Sacramento News & Review The Everborn

Scifan:  Nicholas Grabowsky/Randers bibliography at

Locus Index of Books listed by author, look at

Interview at!

Author index

Rue Morgue Magazine blurb at

Back Door site at Earthlink, a companion photo/art gallery!

Nicholas Grabowsky's Diverse Compendium---old outdated first website, but presents some cool gallery pics!


Masters of the Universe!  Nick was one of Skeletor's troopers (although you can't see him) check out the flick

Also check out Night of the Creeps and Nick's frat party scene!


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