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Here's what a few have already said:

"I think this would be a great story. to revisit shocker and tie up the loose ends and to bring back a very underrated horror villain back into modern culture. it seems very interesting. id love to see this in stores or on the big screen." ---fan

"Horace Pinker is the meanest, most bad-ass serial killer of them all! I'd love to see a sequel to Shocker!" ---fan

Bring back Horace Pinker!  I actually LIKED "Shocker".  Yeah, it was kind of cheesy and a Freddy wanna-be done by Wes Craven himself, but I actually find it to be pretty entertaining and interesting and I watch it every time it comes on FX.  When I heard you were wanting to do a sequel, I thought that was GREAT!  The movie would probably NEVER EVER get made, but turn it into a novel.  I'd buy it.   ----Greg Mitchell