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One Man. One Blueberry Muffin. One and the same.

Horror author Nicholas Grabowsky (The Everborn, Red Wet Dirt, Halloween IV) recently rediscovered and edited the only remaining copy of a short film he shot with friends and acting class cohorts in 1984. Despite the bad quality 20th generation-copied VHS tape quality of the original material, this short feature about a man who turns into a blueberry muffin in times of duress is increasingly hilarious and ambitious throughout its 17 minute running time. Special appearance by the Easter Bunny. Gregory L Hall, host of the Funky Werepig Radio Show: "I had completely given up on humanity until I saw Muffin Man."

Muffin Man on IMBD

Muffin Man on Youtube or watch it right down below:



Cutting Edges

Cutting Edges is a creature feature written and directed by Grabowsky that is in negotiations for independent production, about a suburban househusband who vents his domestic frustrations through a neighborhood killing spree, incorporating magic razor blades into his weapons after making a pact with a demon that lives in a can of shaving cream who eats the victims. 

Another way of putting it:  The film involves Bruce Shaver, who tires of his unemployed house husband suburban lifestyle and of his bitchy wife's nagging until one day he decides to shave and inadvertently releases a "shaving cream creature" from his shaving cream can. The creature convinces him that he can kill his wife and anyone else he wants to....and get away with it.....as long as he utilizes razor blades in his weapons. Razors are his power, and he ultimately rigs devices as diverse as ceiling fans and weed eaters to a deadly machete as the creature watches every step of the way, eager to devour a vanquished victim or two when he's hungry.

Watch the Cutting Edges No-budget Trailer!

Original no budget concept trailer put together by a small indy film crew and horror/fantasy author Nicholas Grabowsky to promote the project to studios to generate funding.

Cutting Edges Trailer Production Gallery

TV Production Class Laughs

Horror author Nicholas Grabowsky (Red Wet Dirt, Everborn, Halloween IV), along with a future writer/producer (The Fourth Kind), a comedian, an Orange County sheriff, and a cousin of rocker Sammy Hagar, all took a television production class together in the fall of 1989 at Fullerton Junior College in Southern California. Here's 3 segments from the class. Features Nick as the Rev. Feelgood.

Nicholas Grabowsky's Diverse Compendium


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