Nick Reads & Reviews SITEMAP

  1.  A Dead Calmness by Steven Deighan
  2.  The All-Soul's Faire by Kristy Tallman
  3.  A Man of Two Worlds by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc
  4.  American Carnevil by Johnny Martin Walters
  5.  A Red Dark Night by A.P. Fuchs
  6.  Black Crystal, Ebon Death by T.M. Mason
  7.  The Blackest Heart by Vince Churchill
  8.  The Calling by Paul M. Strickler
  9.  Caress of a Psychopath by Cinsearae R. Santiago
  10.  Chasing the Dead by Joe Schreiber
  11.  The Coming Evil: The Strange Man by Greg Mitchell
  12.  Conceiving Evil by Kathy Lynn Blaylock
  13.  The Conqueror Worms by Brian Keene
  14.  Conscience by John Skipp
  15.  Contagion by Jason Gehlert
  16.  Cthulhu Cult by Venger Satanis
  17.  The Curse of Mesphisto's Seed by William P. Haynes
  18.  Demon of Mercy by A. William Robinson
  19.  Despairs & Delights by Lincoln Crisler
  20.  Dreamkeeper by Holly Catanzarita
  21.  The Evil Queen: A Pornolexicology by Benjamin L. Perez
  22.  The Expendability Doctrine by Patrick Mackeown
  23.  Eyes Everywhere by Matthew Warner
  24.  Flashpoint by Frank Creed
  25.  Ghost Road Blues by Jonathan Maberry
  26.  Ghostwriter/Hourglass by David Lester Snell
  27.  Gospel of the Living Dead by Kim Paffenroth
  28.  The Guilty Innocent by D.N. Simmons
  29.  Heaven's Falling: Ascension by Garry Charles
  30.  Hell Hath No Fury (anthology) edited by L. Marie Wood
  31.  Horror Library Vol. 1 (anthology) chief editor R.J. Cavender
  32.  The Horror of It All by Josh Haney
  33.  The Hunger by Steven J. Adelmund
  34.  Incubus/Succubus by L.A. Nantz
  35.  Into the Basement/Into the Spell by Norm Applegate
  36.  I Will Rise by Michael Louis Calvillo
  37.  The Last Trumpet by Stephen Mark Rainey
  38.  Light at the Edge of Darkness (anthology) edited by Cynthia MacKinnon
  39.  Liquid Sky by C.E. Dorsett
  40.  Lost Hunger by Angelina M. Robinson
  41.  Mama's Boy by Fran Friel
  42.  Michael by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc
  43.  Mistress of the Dark by Sephera Giron
  44.  Monkey Love by John Paul Allen
  45.  Never Ceese by Sue Dent
  46.  Night of the Goat by Russell Paine
  47.  Other Things, Other Places edited by David G. Montoya
  48.  The Overnight by Ramsey Campbell
  49.  Paradise by Koji Suzuki
  50.  Phantom Feast by Diana Barron
  51.  Poison Ivy by Travis Vp Fox
  52.  Pseudo-City by D. Harlan Wilson
  53.  Re-Entry of Evil by Richard Lee (Lee Pletzers)
  54.  Rise and Walk by Gregory Solis
  55.  School Shooter by Mark Frye
  56.  Sevenacide/Phase II by Robert Shuster
  57.  Shapelessness by Angie Hulme
  58.  Siki City by Lucifer Fulci
  59.  Soulkeepers by Steve Dean
  60.  Splattered Beauty by Brandon Ford
  61.  Strange Days by Fred Wiehe
  62.  Swinging Bridges by Tim Teeter
  63.  Thoroughbred by Steven L. Shrewsbury
  64.  Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown
  65.  The Two by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc
  66.  Unholy Alliance by Dana Reed
  67.  What if.....? by Steve N. Lee
  68.  Whispered Words/Timeless Souls by Rainey Moon (Kristy Tallman)
  69.  With Black and White Comes the Grey (book 1) by Giovanna Lagana
  70.  You're Dead Already...Living In Hell by Jake Istre

Nicholas Grabowsky's Diverse Compendium


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